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GatorLUG Logo Version 1.5 bitmapped PNG (141K)

GatorLUG Logo version 1.5 as a bitmapped PNG file. Size is 141K.

GatorLUG logo discussion

Well, I said at the last meeting (my first meeting) that I would attempt a logo design, and after a couple of hours, heres what i've got. There are four different base styles here. Its quite simple, images are actual size, format is in .PSD (Photoshop Format), and everything can be changed or restructured/combined quite easily.

Well, 2 new versions, once similar to the first and a second that was done from scratch again. Unfortunatly, I still cannot draw living things (human or otherwise) so the gator looks like crap. And the third one is B&W version for now (Tho i like it the best so far). And jstu liek the first version, everything is still in layers, so things can be moved around/removed really easily.

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