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Freedom is contagious.

Software Freedom Day meeting summary (2006-07-24)

  • Place: We're pretty sure we'll be hosting it at the Oak's Mall. There's free wireless internet, it's air-conditioned, and we don't want to host it on campus and restrict the event to students. SFD is on a Saturday as well, so campus will be dead.
  • Events: We want to have demos of free software. Perhaps demos of the Linux desktop in general, but primarily cross-platform applications like Gaim, Firefox,, and the Gimp. If we play a movie in the background, it'll probably be Alternative Freedom. We'll be giving out CDs and stuff afterward as well.

    The mall would be the main outreach event. Flyering and a CD drop at local businesses and local bulletin boards is non-interactive, but will get the word out. Also, we'll be having a party/get-together afterwards to hang out and watch movies (Alternative Freedom, maybe Revolution OS).

  • Time: Mall hours are 10am - 9pm. The Gator game vs. Tenessee is scheduled for 8pm. Our tenative time is from 10am - 5 or 6pm.
  • Advertising: We'll by flyering around town and sending out a press release. The Alligator, the Gainesville Sun, the Satellite, and such would be good coverage.
  • Next Meeting: We'll be meeting again on July 31st at 6pm EST in #gatorlug on

Please add any ideas you have to our wiki page!