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Freedom is contagious.

Department of Defense moves toward open technology

Building on previous OSS studies, experiments, projects, and
initiatives, this report recommends shifts in the process of
technology acquisition from closed, locked-in black box systems to
open and modular approaches. These open approaches are based
on open standards, services based architectures, open source
collaboration, and reference open source implementations. These
shifts, in turn, enable a business process migration from proprietary
products that can only be changed by one vendor, towards a
marketplace for professional services to extend and adapt
capabilities on demand.

This roadmap charts actionable tasks and phases to introduce this
change into DoD acquisition and technology development over the
next two years, in a way that immediately and aggressively expands
DoD’s technological agility and the ability of program managers to
enforce accountability in software development funded by the

(672kb PDF download)

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