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2006-03-23: Asterisk Phone System

Meeting Announcement and Agenda

We had 37 people attend the March meeting. I think that is great considering it was “off cycle”. In January we had 23, in February we had 30. So, that’s a good trend. We’ve also had as many as 22 people in our “virtual meeting” at #gatorlug.

Several budding engineers are thinking about ways to move the presentation display so it will be easier for a group that large to see it more clearly.

The group consensus was to extend the Logo submission period until the next meeting (April, 19). It was suggested to me that I should accept votes from people who send their vote to the meeting with someone who can vouch for it (if they can’t make it in person). I’m still thinking about that. I’m pretty sure I *don’t* want to take votes electronically. But, if someone wants to send me an argument for it, I’ll consider it.

We’ll try to have icecast working for the audio in time for the April 19 meeting.

Michael Crown from the VoIP Connection did a presentation for the group and donated the following equipment to support the group:

Grandstream HandyTone HT-486

Grandstream Budgetone BT-101

This equipment is brand new and we will auction it off at the April 19th LUG meeting. Michael is also making a five percent discount available. Use the coupon code 'gatorlug'. If you are in the market for VoIP equipment please consider The VoIP Connection to thank Michael for his donation to the group.

I'd also like to thank Bill Merriam for his presentation. The bit about putting telemarketers together in a conference call was hilarious.

Here are some useful Asterisk links that were discussed at the meeting.

Bill has also posted some great links in an article here.