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2006-04-19: GPG, Hardened Kernels, Encrypted filesystems

Meeting Announcement and Agenda

April 19, 2006 Meeting Redux

I sent the meeting reminder to the wrong address last Monday. Regardless, we still had 29 attendees – a good turnout.

Jon Akers did a question and answer segment about the Really Large Linux Cluster on campus – also called the High Performance Computing Cluster. There is an upcoming conference about this great resource. See here for more details:

Gavin Baker encouraged students to apply for the SG Technology Cabinet Director position that is currently open. If we want to increase the use of open software and open standards at UF and in this area we have to get involved and apply for positions like this one.

A lot of time was spent discussing and voting for the group logo. I’m pleased with the result. The best you can hope for when picking a piece of artwork that will represent group identity is something some people really like and something most people can live with. In my opinion, we reached a consensus about the logo and achieved that goal. As promised, we took donations for the winning artist and raised $76 at the meeting for her. If you want to make a donation to thank the artist please get in touch with me. I’d like to see the donations reach 3 digits. The artist’s name is Dao. If you have a GatorLUG user account you can view her profile here:

The winning logo is here:

A big Thank You! to everyone who took the time to create and submit logo ideas.

Michael Liesenfelt gave an excellent presentation about securing your linux box with a hardened kernel and an encrypted filesystem. His presentation slides will be available on the GatorLUG website. I didn’t have the levels set correctly for the audio so the recording level is too low and there is a lot of dead space during times when people other than Michael are commenting or asking questions. At the next meeting, we’ll have a mic available for questions and I’ll get the levels right.

Finally, JC Jones told us why GPG is useful and organized the keysigning party.

Next month (May 17), Jordan Wiens will show us how to catch bad guys trying to break into our computers with Snort, John Sawyer will show us some tools and techniques used in data forensics, and more GPG keys will get signed. Check for more details as the date gets closer.

Warm regards,

Clinton Collins, President
GatorLUG, Gainesville, FL