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2006-05-17: Network Security, Intrusion Detection, Data Forensics

Meeting Announcement and Agenda

May Meeting Redux

33 people attended the May meeting.

The meeting started with projector drama. We managed to unplug the projector during the pre-meeting setup before it had a chance to properly cool the bulb. Upon turning the projector back on the light would not come on. So, I raced back to my office at UF to see if I could find the spare bulb. What I found out is that we don't have a spare bulb. A new bulb for this projector is about $400. So, it doesn't surprise me that I decided years ago to wait until the bulb failed before spending that much money for a new one. Fortuitously, David McDonald, took the bulb out, reseated it into its socket, and revived the projector. Since the meeting was about security and data integrity, the projector drama created a good opening discussion about the problems created by single points of failure.

The next security lesson was the age old adage,"if someone gains physical access to the device all bets are off". This lesson was delivered by Ramzi. He showed us how to build a door buster for $20.

Download the video used for the presentation here (20mb).

After that, the main event was delivered by Jordan Wiens and John Sawyer.

Drive Imaging

Data Integrity & File Hash Signatures

Data & Timeline Analysis

Data Carving

Memory Analysis

Linux Bootable CD for Forensics and Incident Response


Online Resources (forums, mailing lists & challenges)