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2006-06-21: MythTV

Meeting Announcement and Agenda

June Meeting Redux

29 people attended the June meeting and I saw many new faces.

I had a small scare with MythTV box during the pre-meeting setup. It would not boot. This was necessary to continue the trend that some technology mishap must occur to cause me stress at a LUG meeting. This happened once before and the problem was a loose video card. Thankfully, that was the same problem this time. After reseating the video card, the MythBox booted up and my blood pressure went down.

I had planned to do my bit after Doug Goldstein. But ,since he showed up late, I dived in and demonstrated some of the things I like best about MythTV. Once Doug showed up, we tag teamed it from there.

We now have everything we need to get a good audio recording of the meeting and broadcast it live - a good mixer, two mics, and a computer sending the audio via icecast back to the GatorLUG server. My thanks to Martin Smith for working out the details for the streaming solution. Everything worked except the wireless network at Virtually Cuban. It's understandable because a lot of people bring laptops to LUG meetings and give the wireless network a beating. For the next meeting, we are going to try and connect the computer that is recording and streaming the audio to the network via a wired connection. We'll also record the meeting directly on the computer at the meeting instead of relying on the GatorLUG Icecast server to do the recording.

This is a good video introduction to MythTV: systm--0002--mythtv--small.xvid.avi (110mb XVID)

A friend of mine, Ed Baldridge, who owns a retail store dedicated to gaming called The BattleZone donated some computer parts to support the user group (before the gaming store he had a computer business). I combined those parts with some parts I've had laying about for awhile (for those projects I'm going to get to any day now) and made them available for donations to the user group. Sixty three dollars were donated to support the group.

Download the detailed specs of Clint's MythBox here: mythboxHardware.pdf (PDF).