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Interoperability Presentation - Bill Hilf, Microsoft

Jul 18 2006 3:00 pm
Jul 18 2006 5:00 pm

Erik C. Schmidt from the Active Directory Team extends an invitation to see Microsoft's Bill Hilf.
The UFAD group saw Mr. Hilf present at a Higher Ed conference a year or so back. He was invited to give a presentation at UF by the UFAD group based on the expertise he displayed during his Higher Ed presentation.
Bill Hilf is the Lead Program Manager for Microsoft's Platform Strategy organization. Bill leads the Linux and Open Source Software technology group at Microsoft.
Please join us from 3-5 PM on Tuesday, July 18 in room B74 of the Reitz Union for a special presentation on interoperability between open source and Microsoft products by Bill Hilf. Mr. Hilf is THE person to speak with if you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding interoperability. There will be a presentation, followed by time for questions and answers.

Reitz Union B74

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clintc's picture

Is Mr. Hilf a friend of FOSS?

I'm not sure. I do plan to go and ask some questions and I encourage you to do the same. One view is that Linux and other non Microsoft technology is too large to ignore and Microsoft must find ways to interoporate with it. The other view is that Microsoft employs Mr. Hilf for the sole purpose of exploiting weaknesses in FOSS and runs the Linux lab to look for ways to paint FOSS in a bad light.

Here is an interesting read from Slashdot: Bill Hilf Slashdot Interview

Also, LUG Radio had an interview with Mr. Hilf.

I have a hard time believing that Microsoft is serious about interoperability based on their track record and the fact that they refuse to support an open standard like ODF in their upcoming Office release. Microsoft, and other software companies, should compete on the merit of their product and not file format lock-in.

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My questions for Mr. Hilf

Here are the questions I intend to ask tomorrow if someone else doesn't beat me to them. If I don't get to ask all of these questions perhaps someone else can ask.
Last year in a Slashdot interview you are quoted as saying, "If someone in the OSS community runs into a technical interoperability problem with Microsoft products, I want to know about it."

Jermeny Allison from the Samba development team replies:

Thanks Bill. So how about the IDL files for all the undocumented Microsoft RPC services your clients depend on for login as well as the "standards" based parts of login ?

We're still waiting.... no, we won't go away :-).

Knowing about it doesn't help if you never *do* anything about it.

How do you answer that?
Two years ago, the EU asked Microsoft to completely document it's server communication protocols and make that documentation available to facilitate interoperability with products from other vendors. To date, Microsoft has failed to comply with the order prompting the EU to level relatively large fines against Microsoft. Why the compliance delay and will Microsoft ever comply with the EU's order?
Suppose I use KWord to create a reasonably complex document that I save as ODF. Can I email this file to my friend who uses MS-Word and your ODF plug-in, have him make some edits and send the file back to me, and then open the file in KWord with no headaches?
Why not support ODF as a default in the File-Save As menu in the upcoming release of Office?

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