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GatorLUG Web of Trust

In April 2006 a group of GatorLUG members began the task of building a new web of trust for Gainesvillian GnuPG/PGP encryption users. At the April meeting of GatorLUG 9 members completed a Keysigning Party and the result is the first step toward a strong web of trust around the Gainesville, FL area.

We hope to add more trust and introduce more people to the powers of strong cryptography on a regular basis and as we do so this page will be updated.

Our Web of Trust (updated periodically)
The current Web of Trust for GatorLUG is represented graphically here (generated with SpringGraph):
GatorLUG Current Web of Trust

Instructions for participating
We will be having another keysigning party at the May 2006 meeting and likely once per quarter after that. Here are instructions for participating in one of our keysigning parties.

gatorlug.png26.45 KB

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zenitram's picture

.dot file?

Neat graph! Pug, can you share the .dot file that generated it?

I'm just using on

I'm just using on the keyring file linked above, actually. In particular I have a makefile which does everything in a nice, automated fashion. Note that some browsers will strip the tab characters from the front of the execution lines -- you'll have to add them back in for this make file to work.

all: update scp

gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring gatorlug.gpg --refresh-keys

gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring gatorlug.gpg --list-sigs | ./ | springgraph -s 2 > gatorlug.png

composite -font /usr/share/fonts/ttf-bitstream-vera/Vera.ttf label:"Generated at `date`" -gravity southeast gatorlug.png out.png
mv out.png gatorlug.png

scp: graph watermark
scp gatorlug.gpg
scp gatorlug.png

zenitram's picture

springgraph -s option?

One name is now cut off on the way cool graph (created Sunday April 30th, 1pm).

Maybe the springraph -s option should be altered? Shrugh.

I'm not sure why that's

I'm not sure why that's happening. It happens with large values for -s and even small (and negative!) values. It's just being weird. It's not the .dot file since I checked it and those don't give absolute coordinates. It's SpringGraph, but I've not enough free time at present to fix it (so far).

Martin's picture

BUMP -- updated from last

BUMP -- updated from last meeting.

Martin's picture

I generated the updated

I generated the updated graph with:

gpg --list-sigs CEFBEB6D | grep "^sig" | cut -b14-22 | sort | uniq > keylist
gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring gatorlug.keyring.gpg --recv-key `cat keylist`
gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring gatorlug.keyring.gpg --list-sigs | ./ | springgraph -s 2 > gatorlug.png

Since I don't have many signers that aren't from GatorLUG, the first line helped me generated a list of "our" keys. Once I have more folks signing my key, I'll have to figure out some other criteria for determining what keys are in the GatorLUG ring.

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