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Update on Streaming Audio Campaign

We are happy to announce that everything has arrived and I've chipped in to purchase a mobile storage bin for it. We're hoping to use it at our meeting next week at 6pm on Wednesday. Stay tuned to or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our next meeting live or in recorded format afterwards.

Thank you! We purchased everything on the initial list! We'd specifically like to thank (in order of contribution timestamp):

  • ‚Äč
  • Emily Bell & Joey Spooner
  • eli
  • Dan Stoner
  • dominii
  • Benjamin Woodruff
  • drn

Here are some photos of the gear after being unboxed and packed up in one nice portable storage bin:

Storage box with 2 wheels & extendable handle. I've drilled three mic-stand sized holes in the top, and applied a bungee cord, so we can carry the mic stands and their heavy bases.

Side view including the lockable handles and showing back wheels.

View after opening the lid. Pictured are two XLR cables, extra-long ethernet cable, some markers and bungee cords, as well as a plastic bag for smaller mic stand parts and a plastic bag with all warranty information and manuals.

A view after lifting up the inner tray. You can see the mic stand bases as well as three boxes: our USB mixer with XLR inputs, a box containing 2x Shure SM57 microphones, and a box containing our Logitech webcam and mic-stand-to-tripod-screw-adapter (is that a word?).

Pictured is the inside of each of the small boxes. You can see each mic came with a carrying cases, the webcam box with an extra long USB extension cord, and the USB mixer with an extra long USB extension cable.

Thank you all again for your support! We will be posting an update with this month's meeting shortly on and various listserves.

Martin Smith & Gator Linux Users Group

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