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Codeslinger 2011 Winners

Benjamin Woodruff wins the title of "Fastest Codeslinger 2011". He solved our 2011 programming problem in 1 hour and 20 minutes with Python. He also won the prize for being first to submit a solution in C. No one had submitted a version in C during the contest yesterday. However, Benjamin coded up a working solution today and sent it in. Click the story link for more.

Ian Taylor from Main Street Softworks presents the first place $300 Amazon gift certificate to Benjamin.

Jim Wilson finished his solution 50 seconds after the first place winner was declared. Jim won the second place prize for fastest execution time.

Ian Taylor presents the $150 Amazon gift certificate to Jim.

Late into the contest Jim Martinez and Dan Stoner thought teaming up might work better to deliver a working solution in Perl.

The winning solutions are attached as files to this post. Give the problem a try first before looking at these answers.

Also attached is a reference solution in C.

After the contest was over, Brian Bartholomew sent in a solution written in Perl.

winning entries.zip4.5 KB
anagram_hsearch.c.zip3.82 KB
bb-codesling2011.pl_.zip819 bytes