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GatorLUG logo discussion

Well, I said at the last meeting (my first meeting) that I would attempt a logo design, and after a couple of hours, heres what i've got. There are four different base styles here. Its quite simple, images are actual size, format is in .PSD (Photoshop Format), and everything can be changed or restructured/combined quite easily.

Well, 2 new versions, once similar to the first and a second that was done from scratch again. Unfortunatly, I still cannot draw living things (human or otherwise) so the gator looks like crap. And the third one is B&W version for now (Tho i like it the best so far). And jstu liek the first version, everything is still in layers, so things can be moved around/removed really easily.

Added GLUG3.gif last minute to make things easier. ITs a colored version of GLUG2.jpg

03-27-06 6:00 added glug2 copy.jpg

04-08-06 7:17 PM added gatorlug3.png

GLUGpoll.jpg201 KB
GLUG1.jpg81.38 KB
GLUG2.jpg54.78 KB
GLUG3.gif16.48 KB
glug2 copy.jpg25.55 KB
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First of all, let me say, that I like where you're going. It's definitely good work. However, I'm not sure if we want to have 'UF' all over the logo. I think the main reason we went with GatorLUG was to make ourselves open to folks not affiliated with the University. This isn't to knock your work, we didn't really make any parameters when we started the logo contest. I like where you're going with this.


Alright, what elements should the logo have in it? What elements the logo exclude?

-- Michael Liesenfelt

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Think about monochromatic

At some point the logo will probably be etched onto something like an award or coffee mug (like the award for winning the codeslinger contest). So, think about what it will look like only in black and white. Or, imagine it on a large sign or banner.

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Re: So?

I really dig "Tux." However, we may want to keep letters off his belly--it's off putting.

The most appealing aspect of any logo is in its simplicity. I'd really like to see a clean style--no clutter.



I Added two new attachments at the top and edit the description.

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Number 3 is great

This is really good work. I like number 3 the best so far.

Sort of like the old school

Sort of like the old school UF logo. Maybe I'll see if I can come up with something as well. Prepare to battle! Logo boogaloo!

Los tercero esta muy bien

Like the third one. I say we vote on it once we can see a version without the gradient in the GLUG. We'd want one without the gradients for T-Shirts and coffee mugs. Once we get that, we can vote, post it to the site's header and start an account on cafepress with it.


GLUG2 is my vote. I like it the best. There could be some tweaks to it but it's the best of the lot. Good work.


Speaking of which, everything is easy to tweak, ive created the logos specifically for that reason. And I created this thread so you people could tell me what you thought needs tweaking, BEFORE the vote, so the logo is more in tune with what the community wants. So dont just say it needs some tweaks, say what those tweaks are.

And putting logos on cofee mugs and such, is done in color nowadays. In fact the only real reason color wont be used is if its being ETCHED into GLASS. Now I understand the need for a simplified logo design for that purpose, and thats EASY to do, theres no reason there cant be a few different versions with different levels of detail of the same logo. its VERY easy for me to remove those gradients, all i have to do is remove a layer or two, if its NECESSARRY for whatever the logo is about to be used for. But when it comes to the web, and print, the more compex design would be completely fine. Sorry if that sounded angry, but seriously.

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Variations on the theme of GLUG2

Can we see some variations on this idea? Something with color, maybe increase the white space between the letters to make them stand out a bit, maybe run a while line in the middle of the letters to make them stand out a bit more. It would be interesting to see some variations on this idea.

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No need to Rush

Since our logo is an integral part of our identification, we shouldn't rush the submission process.

IMHO, submission number two (please do not take offense) has too many animals on it--an alligator and a penguin is overload.



Hi all

Mark, Gabriel's friend, informed me that the logo contest is due today on Thursday. I didn't have much time to work on it but a few hours. I do apologize if it's not up to standards. As for the image itself, the color scheme is not fixed, so it can be change to agree with Gator LUG's message and layout. I don't know how to upload it to this site, so click on the link

Logo gator & Tux
Font in negative/positive space


Ive actually got a few new variations on the three logos above, including a coloring of the third version which i think looks good, i'll be bringing them to the meeting tonight. And actually, this is the first time i've heard of a vote or of a submission deadline.

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Still accepting submissions?

Could people post their latest renditions?

I like gators and penguins, so GLUG1.jpg is my favorite out of the bunch (

I think printing in black and white _is_ an issue... the logo should be just as readable printed on a standard laser printer or when it appears in the local newspaper. Many logos solve this by having two versions... one for color and one for black and white (or print).

Minor tweaks like removing the binary 0's and 1's in the background and increasing the readability of "Gator" and "LUG" are the most notable suggestions for making it look good "on paper".

Like I said, i keep layered

Like I said, i keep layered PSD's of ALL my work, for anything, so simple changes like that could be made in seconds (minus the time it takes to load photoshop).

BTW, i just uploaded a new logo idea i had the night of the meeting, finally got it tweeked enough to be willing to post it here (still going to be making some changes to it).

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Logo submissions open until next meeting - April 19

If you have a logo idea please post a file or link in the forum. I'll tell Doug (Cardoe) that we should work on organizing the submissions better than we are doing at the moment.

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Newest logo submission

glug2 copy.jpg ... uhg(?) ... this logo is pure eye candy. I scrapped MY work after I saw it. Let the best logo win! :-)


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another entry

I am not an artist as you will be able to tell from the logo I made by glueing to other pictures together... but maybe this will give someone with talent an idea.


Stop laughing. Really.

I thought about putting the

I thought about putting the tux and the gator together for one of my design. Though I believe someone said it was too much to have both. The gator looks shy :D


All my entries

These are my entries all put together, let me know if there are any suggestions.

Entry # 1
Entry # 2
Entry #2 BW
Entry # 3
Entry #3A
Entry #4
Entry #4 BW
Entry # 5
Entry #5 BW

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Thank you EmDao


Thank you for these entries. It's great to see the creative juices flowing. Of these five, I like #5 best. It's really good work.



Yeah, I added another one at the top, it's ..... meh.
Colors are typically a problem for me if...well not ...hmmm.

The effects of Web 2.0 are

The effects of Web 2.0 are far-reaching. Like all paradigm shifts, it affects the people who use it socially, culturally, and even politically. One of the most affected groups is the designers and developers who will be building it—not just because their technical skills will change, but also because they’ll need to treat content as part of a unified whole, an ecosystem if you will, and not just an island.

I know that "Web 2.0" isn't just a look or a feel of a site. I know that it's more than a few gradients and drop shadows in Photoshop. I don't know what it is exactly but does anybody (besides O'Reilly)?

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