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Leonardos of Millhopper Square

Great food! Relaxed family-friendly environment.

Phone: 352-376-2001
Address: 4131 N.W. 16th blvd., Gainesville, FL 32605

History snippet from website:
"Leonardos pizza comes from the "Chicago style" pizza made famous by "Pizzaria Uno" in Chi-town. It has a thick crust, more than your average amount of sauce, and very generous toppings that are under the cheese, as opposed to on top of the cheese. A couple of guys named Steve Solomon and Sander Heilig and Sander's sister, Alma were living in Champaign, Illinois, {Home of the fighting Illini}. Alma worked in a pizza joint called "Garcia brothers" pizza. Garcia's made Chicago style pizza also. Steve and friends looked at each other one day and said " hey, this doesn't look so hard." So, they scraped up some cash and some "balls" and said "let's do it!" At the time, the concept seemed to work best near a college campus, so they decided on Gainesville..."