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GatorLUG Meeting | 2010-09-15 | 6-8pm | - Configuration Management

Sep 15 2010 6:00 pm
Sep 15 2010 8:00 pm
America/New York

GatorLUG Meeting Agenda for September, 15 2010

*** Several members wanted to meet at The Laboratory again so we will do that again this month. ***

6:00 - 6:30 Announcements / General Discussion

Freedom for HDMI | Hackerspace on the move

6:30 - 7:20 Configuration Management (CM)| David Nessl

Mention CM to most IT people and they think about version control systems, like CVS, Subversion, and GIT. Those discussions inevitably lead to branch-merge strategies, which have gotten interesting with the advent of Agile development. But CM also encompasses a bigger picture. David refers to this as object-oriented Change Management. Tools like cfengine/puppet are limited examples for sysadmins, SCM and version control are examples for software development, IPAM is an example for network administration, etc.

One example David will review is a CM tool he built to manage Websphere configurations at Nationwide Insurance, where the organization had to keep 30,000+ configuration entries consistent between dozens of cluster members and promotion levels.

David wrote the SCM Guide adopted as the enterprise-wide standard at Nationwide Insurance (Fortune 100), and has written several published articles on CM for CM Crossroads magazine and other publications.

7:20 - 8:00 Open discussion, meet and greet someone new

The Laboratory, 818 W. University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601