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GatorJUG Tonight at CMC ::: Grid Computing

Jun 23 2010 6:00 pm
Jun 23 2010 9:00 pm

We'll have a presentation on grid computing with Pat Peralta. He's traveled all the way from Boston to join us.

An Introduction to Data Grids for Database developers

This talk will introduce the concept of data grids to developers that have experience with Java EE and relational databases such as Oracle. The programming model will be explored (including caching patterns and similarities to NoSQL) as well as the performance & scalability improvements a data grid offers.

We'll have lots of food and good exchange. Please be sure to RSVP at so we know how much food to order. You'll have to sign up to Codetown in order to see the RSVP option.

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Michael Levin
Chairman, GatorJUG
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