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GatorLUG Meeting | Codeslinger 2010 Shootout

Apr 21 2010 6:00 pm
Apr 21 2010 8:00 pm

Announcing the 5th Annual Codeslinger Shootout!

[Update 2010-04-19] - Due to the number of entrants we will hold the tournament in Stuzin 103 on the UF campus.

On April 21, 2010 you are invited to test your fast thinking and programming skills at the GatorLUG meeting. You could win the coveted title of "Fastest Codeslinger of 2010", a cool mug proclaiming your victory, and one or more Amazon gift cards.

Main Street Softworks has generously offered to sponsor the tournament again this year.

This year there will be two prizes. The first prize will be awarded to the first person who submits a program that calculates the correct result to the problem. The second prize will be awarded to the first person who submits a program written in C that calculates the correct result to the problem (written in C means done by you and not via a converter of some other language syntax to C). It is possible for one person to win both prizes.

First prize - A $500 gift card from

Second prize - A $200 gift card from

Please register for the tournament by Friday, April 16, 2010 so that we can plan to have enough space and electrical plug-ins for the contestants.


1. Enter the contest by emailing your name and programming language of choice to clinton _AT_ on or before April 16, 2010. You are not limited to using this language during the contest but you do need to be registered to participate.
2. Bring your laptop (or borrow one from a friend) to the meeting.
3. You may use any programming/scripting language/environment you want.
4. You may not use search engines to look for example code to copy and paste during the event.
5. You will start up your laptop and programming environment.
6. Your hands will come off the laptop and stay off until the start signal is given.
7. If you touch the computer before the start signal you will be disqualified.
8. A general problem with a single correct answer will be presented.
9. You may solve the problem with an algorithm or a simulation.
10. There will be a question and answer period.
11. After the question and answer period, the start signal will be given.
12. The first person to show their source code and correct answer output to one of the contest judges wins.
13. A judge will look at the code and output to verify the winner.
14. The decision of the judge will be final, no whining allowed.
15. Hats, boots and leather are optional but good for style points.