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Freedom is contagious.

GatorJUG tonight - Build Sexy Apps with Flex!

Aug 26 2009 10:59 am

Join us in Gainesville for this opportunity to be introduced Flex from Adobe's Evangelist, James Ward. James is an expert in rich user interface programming and design. He'll show you Flex in use. We'll have a few free copies of his book "First Steps in Flex", written with Bruce Eckel! We'll have other freebies as well, and some pizza and drinks, as always.

James joins us all the way from Denver - lets show him a warm welcome and some Gator pride!

Please RSVP at the GatorJUG Event announcement at Codetown. You must join the Codetown community before the RSVP option is visible at the Event announcement.

: Santa Fe College NW Campus - Building L Room 37