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GatorJUG - Developing Modular Web Applications with Spring 3.0

Mar 25 2009 6:00 pm
Mar 25 2009 8:30 pm

We'll have a presentation on Spring Web Flow with Keith Donald.

Developing Modular Web Applications with Spring 3.0

Spring is a robust open-source technology for building and running sophisticated business applications. When combined with OSGi technology, Spring also enables the development of highly modular applications that can quickly respond to change. This session will demonstrate how to use Spring 3 and OSGi together to create truly modular web applications. In the spirit of domain-driven design, Keith will still a realistic business problem domain, discuss design and modularity issues, and show how to to properly structure an application system from a set of loosely coupled modules. He'll also provide a whirlwind tour of the latest Spring provides for web application development.

Please invite your friends and RSVP at CodeTown

Santa Fe College Room S326