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GatorJUG September Meeting - Intro to Scala with Demian Deng

Sep 10 2008 6:00 pm
Sep 10 2008 9:00 pm

Hi GatorLug!
We're having a meeting on Wednesday, 9/10. The topic is Scala. Heard of it? Have any experience with it? Zemian Deng will share with you his knowledge. Here's the info:
For this meeting, Zemian would like to present "Introduction to Scala", a talk session geared toward Java developers. The introduction will let the audience get a feel for what Scala programing is like and explore some coding styles. Zemian expects the audience to have a basic knowledge of Java programming. The session will start with few basic Scala syntaxes and types that have close resemblance to Java. Code examples are provided throughout the presentation to give the audience a feel for how Scala code looks and its logic flow. The main focus will remain on "introduction" with few selected Scala features as topics. Instead of presenting heavy empirical theories and algorithms, Zemian will use simple and practical code samples. In addition, the session will show how the Scala language itself is extendable by developers using the user library. We will also take a look at how Scala can provide seamless remedies to some shortcomings of Java built-in libraries!
I. What and Why Scala (5 mins)
a. Yes, JVM can fit another language
b. Top features:
- Strong/static type
- Type Inference
- Speed!
- Closure
- Functional Support on Built-In library
- Active community
II. The Feel of Scala (20 mins)
a. HelloWorld
b. Basic Types
c. Class, Instances, and References
d. Trait - Thick Interface
e. Singleton objects
III. Riding on Java built-in Library (20 mins)
a. Seamless access to java library
b. Making java.util.Date and more usable
c. Using Java Collection vs Scala collection
IV. Scala in Real World ( 15 mins)
a. Sweet and other library projects
b. Database access - Sweet's JdbcHelper
c. XML processing - Scala supports it on language level!
My name is Zemian Deng, and I am a Systems Architect at Connextions Inc, a technology outsourcing company. My technical specialty is in enterprise web applications development using SpringMVC, Hibernate, and various other libraries and tools. I also have a strong knowledge of Java SOA and using MuleESB.
Besides my daily work, I've a special interest in Java scripting that has led me into the discovery of Scala a year ago. I started learning Scala and found the language is not only good for scripting, but also useful to build larger applications because it's static typed and its speed is almost as same as Java! I found the Scala language to be very expressive, concise, and easier to use than Java. Scala is stable and has enough built-in libraries in its API for me to start a web framework named Sweet. Sweet is hosted on In writing the framework, I learned about a few areas of Scala language that are particular useful and interesting, and I would like to share this with the community.
We're working on a social network for the GatorJUG. Here's a sneak preview: You can sign up now and help build it! You can invite friends, too. Some of the features you can use right now include the ability to create Groups representing your interests, post events, create discussions, and write comments on your friends pages. There are many more features. The framework is from Ning, a company founded by someone you may have heard of: Marc Andresson. Marc wrote the first web browser, Mosaic. He also founded Netscape. Ning is a framework written in Java and PHP. It is solid and we've learned a lot already with a non-technical community we created called Zoobird at You might join and take a look around, because it's very locally focused here in Gainesville.
We also created a community called Codetown, primarily for the OrlandoJUG at I encourage you to join and take a look around. We're trying to build community and we need you there!
The vision is to house these communities and others in CoderZoo at Codopolis will be the umbrella site, a portal with some commercial aspects. There, you can either surf to communities with a social/technical focus or find out about products and services. -- Stay tuned!
Please try to attend Wednesday's GatorJUG. Invite your friends. Spread the word. These meetings are really too special to miss!
As always, I hope to see you there.
Best regards,
Michael Levin
Co-Chairman, GatorJUG

Santa Fe Community College - Rm S326

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