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OSCON 2008 Call For Proposals

Submit Your Proposal for Participation Now

The 10th Annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention will be held July 21-25 in
Portland, Oregon. OSCON is the crossroads of all things open source, a
vibrant meeting ground for the entire community to inspire, debate,
motivate, make deals, and connect face to face. The 2008 conference will
present the key players and issues influencing open source today and
explore the potential for open source tomorrow.

We invite you to share your experiences, expertise, analysis, and ideas.
We are looking for proposals for four kinds of presentations:
- 45-minute sessions
- 3-hour tutorials
- Panel discussions
- Demonstrations

There will be 14 tracks, including Linux, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java,
Databases, Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Mobile, Administration,
Security, People, Business, and Emerging Topics.

Submit your proposal anytime before midnight, February 4, 2008. For
submission guidelines and to submit your proposal, go to:

Topics we'd like to include in the OSCON 2008 program include:
- Parallelization, grid, and multicore technologies
- The strengths that will carry open source beyond the "gold rush"
- Open source in smart phones and mobile networked devices
- Open hardware and licensing
- Tools for the administration and deployment of large server farms
- Ajax, Javascript, standards-based design, and other client-side web
- AI, machine learning, and other ways of making software smarter than the
people using it
- The spread of open source into law, culture, data, and services and the
accompanying issues and lessons
- Open source in democracy, politics, government, and education
- Best practices for building a business model around open source
- Virtualization, appliances, and their creation and deployment

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to propose other open
source topics. Keep in mind that sessions and tutorials should be based on
real-world scenarios, delivering information that can be acted upon and
tools that can be put to use.

If you have ideas for speakers and topics that will make the conference a
must attend event, send them to: