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What is the best weekday for GatorLUG meetings? (See comments)

7% (1 vote)
13% (2 votes)
47% (7 votes)
27% (4 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 15

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clintc's picture

Over the past two months,

Over the past two months, I've heard from around 8 different people that they would like to attend GatorLUG meetings but they have a standing conflict on Wednesday nights. I've never asked for feedback before about the best night to hold meetings so I'm doing that now to see if moving the day on which we meet would make it easier for more people to attend the monthly meeting.

If you don't have an account and do not want to create one to vote, just send me an email or call and let me know which day you prefer. I'll update the totals accordingly.

Eric Lavigne's picture

Any day is fine - abstain

I would come on any day of the week. I just wouldn't hang out as long afterwards if it were moved to Monday or Thursday.

jim's picture

One move is worth two fires.

One move is worth two fires. Is one schedule change worth 1.3 fires? Will we loose eight other members who have conflicts on Thursday?

Actually, Thursday would be a better night for me, but I'll vote to retain Wednesday because I think consistency is worth something.

clintc's picture

Consistency has value

I like consistency too. But, it occurred to me that the group has never been asked what day would work best for meetings. I won't change the day unless I feel quite certain that a different day will work better for a majority of the people who come on a regular basis.

UForgotten's picture

Instead of Third wednesday, second wednesday?

A common conflict (even though I can't always attend either meeting) is that every third wednesday is the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society. There are some Ham radio operators who might attend GLUG meetings if they knew they existed and didn't conflict with GARS.
Instead of on the third wednesday, perhaps the second wednesday, if it still stands as the best weekday?

Bluetickle's picture

Thursday for me...

Well, as for me Thursdays are better. I have never had a chance to come to your meeting, because I work Mon, Tue, Wed from 11:00 to 23:00. Thursday is open me and I'd check out the group if it was on that day... well anyway have a great day!


I'm all in favor of consistency. How else will I remember to come? (in my old age....)

I have a potential conflict on the second Friday and the third Monday. But I like consistency, and I voted for Wednesday--third is fine, second works, too....

Bluetickle's picture

Consistency? What is the


What is the purpose of this LU group? Is it to have consistently boring and quite meetings and have very few people show up?

What do you guys and gals do - knitting?

What's the average age and marital status of the members of this group? (I'm 34 and married)

How Lame (not mp3) if ya know what I mean.

How about we create a real LUG and meet multiple days per week and talk about how to get Cedega to Work on Feisty? Just imagine if Linux was a viable gaming platform.

clintc's picture

The Purpose...

The purpose of the LUG is spelled out succinctly here:

We have averaged around 35 people at our monthly meetings for the last year. How many need to show for you to consider it more than "very few"?

There is quite a mix of age and marital status in the group.

I think it would be great to meet more than once a month. Are you volunteering to lead a meeting to talk about getting Cedaga to work on Feisty? If so, when would you like to schedule it?

Eric Lavigne's picture

More meetings

I was in the Melbourne LUG before this, and they met four times per month (every Tuesday). One week was the main meeting, and the others were special interest groups, such as gaming, programming, system administration, advocacy, or install fests.

My interest is programming. I would be interested in additional meetings for working on short group projects (such as creating a new mini-game each week) or for presentations on languages, tools, and development strategies. If a few other people indicate a similar interest, we can start talking about how to organize it.

I can't do Wednesday (or

I can't do Wednesday (or Monday). My vote was Thursday. Here's a goal for the next meeting: whip up a script to calculate the ideal meeting time given a set of available schedules... :)

My main interest is also programming: PHP/Javascript. Always interested in tools and dev patterns. I'm on Windows, but lately I mostly live in Eclipse, particularly the fantastic PDT and Aptana plugins.

Bluetickle's picture


It seems that I've generated a little more active conversation, excellent. I'm just a lousy hack. I don't claim to know very much. I would love to get involved with you guys and soak up the knowledge. 35 people per meeting is great.

If you want me to put energy into specific topics, and put effort into organizing, then I feel motivated to do so. I can't say that I would do it well, but I'd do my best.

Topics I would like to explore:

Cedega optimization (just get it to work really).

MythTV configuration with the Clear QAM tuner HDHomerun.

Fridays and Saturdays are the best days for me. On Thursdays and Sundays I'd need to bring my six year old daughter with me, and I'm not sure if we would be entertaining enough for her. As for location? My house is too small. Perhaps - (SW 13th street) Virtually Cuban? Let's say Friday the 19th October? Does this interest anyone else?


Eric Lavigne's picture

More meetings - move this conversation to the mailing list

It is much easier to hold a conversation on the mailing list, and the discussion would also reach a wider audience there. Let's continue this discussion on the linux-l list, subject: hackathon gatorlug meetings.

Bluetickle's picture

post delay?

post delay?

Eric Lavigne's picture

post delay?

> post delay?

Yes,'s anti-spam measures may cause a post delay. However, this LUG also has a mailing list and an IRC channel for faster communication. On average, there are about 20 people idling in the IRC channel (#gatorlug @


mailing list:

Bluetickle's picture

Man, I hate it when you

Man, I hate it when you write a long message and it fails to get posted. Not sure where the message went but after previewing it and clicking post - it vanished and didn't get posted.

clintc's picture

Yes! Spam filtering = delayed posts

The interface for marking things as not spam is easy but not intuitive. I will probably turn spam filtering off since we have have made it a lot harder to get an account created.

Bluetickle's picture

I thought I was banned? LOL!

I thought I was banned? LOL! Funny thing about being "filtered" for spam is that now I'm putting more energy into other things. Such as, my Cave Diving training and planning two Snowboarding trips this winter. I also backup all post to notepad before clicking submit.... ;)

It's unfortunate it took so long for my post to get posted. I almost stopped looking at this web site. In the future I'll use the mailing list for discussions. Thanks.

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