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Events in the Swamp - Central Florida Software Symposium and more...!

Aug 24 2007 12:00 pm
Aug 26 2007 5:00 pm


When it rains, it pours! We have BarCamp, Flex, Central Florida Software Symposium, Florida Free Culture (Gainesville) SunJUG (Sarasota), MiamiJUG, TampaJUG, my beloved Open Spaces events in Crested Butte ( and even one thrown by the gang in Gainesville this Wednesday focused on Java Web Frameworks -- an Open Spaces Web Jam in the Swamp. That's 8/8 and subscribers already know. Brion Vibber is the big news AFAIC; see and and then..hold your breath: Google is opening a big office here and I'm heading it up! Just kidding. Next best thing is an appearance from our friends at Google October 25th, topic TBA. Much of this is blogged at and our JUG blogs: (userid ojug pw orlando) and (userid gatorjug pw gainesville).

SeneJUG is blowing and going with high quality presentations and high attendence. See for details of past meetings. Our compadres Orlando Ruby User Group ( are the real heros in town. Check out and follow all the links. And, take a peek at - you may see some faces you recognise. Many of us are all aTwitter with Amazing phenomenon. I'm mikelevin on Twitter and you can find many of us in my list of friends and followers. What a rush! But, that's what it's all about, isn't it? I'm just back from Portland, OR after coding my first RoR project and carrying new tools and tales to tell. While I chill to the exceptional news at and reminisque about energy in Portland, I have music to code by in the air from - it was amazing coding with a power Mac user. Our customer commented repeatedly about the beauty of OSX and the MacBook Pro while we turned an estimated 55-day project around in 5. That's what I'm talking about!

We have jobs aplenty at - sorry, a few slipped by without rates, but that's because I was checking from Africa...using my cellphone! All the rest have a stated rate or salary, the rule. Look around and learn a lot. You can even extract some architectures from the postings ...

Meanwhile, here's some concrete fact about the CFSS:

The Java/Agility event of the year right here in Orlando! Join Us for
the 2007 Central Florida Software Symposium returning August 24-26th.
Make sure and take advantage of the early bird discount which ends this
Monday, August 6th.

Event Name: Central Florida Software Symposium 2007
Dates: August 24-26, 2007
Location: Orlando, FL

The 2007 Central Florida Software Symposium is coming to on August
24-26th. COSS 2007 will offer five (5) concurrent sessions for you to
choose from. The hot topics covered at COSS 2007 include:

* Spring 2.0
* Groovy/Grails
* Domain Driven Design
* Annotations
* Java Concurrency
* Java 6.0
* JRuby
* Web 2.0
* JPA and many more!

We have a great set of speakers lined up for you to enjoy featuring:

Scott Davis, author of "GIS for Web Developers" & Editor-in-Chief of
Bruce Tate, author of "Ruby for Java Programmers"
David Geary, co-author of "Core JSF"
Ryan Breidenbach, co-author of "Spring in Action"
Mike Levin, tech-editor of "RSS and Atom in Action"
Neal Ford, author of "Art of Java Web Development"
Mark Richards, author of "Java Transaction Design Strategies"
Ted Neward, author of "Effective Enterprise Java"
and many more...

The No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium series is regarded as the premier
Java/Agility event series anywhere serving over 18,000 attendees with
some 100 events since 2002. The popularity of the NFJS symposium series
can be traced to the following:

1). Exceptional Speakers
2). Limited Attendance - capped at 250 people
3). No Vendors, No Sales Pitches, no Marketecture
4). Excellent networking opportunities with speakers and fellow attendees
5). The Best Value in the Java conferencing space period

Early Bird Registration: $750/person good thru 8/06/07

Special $50 discount available to all JUG Members, use the discount
code, nfjsusergroup50 when registering.

Excellent Group Discounts Available - bring your entire development team
to the show good thru 8/06/07

5-9 Attendees: $675/person
10-14 Attendees: $650person
15-24 Attendees: $625/person
25-over Attendees: $600/person

Great Swag in 2007 - all attendees receive a new 2007 NFJS laptop bag &
custom leather binder.

Excellent Giveaways - Nintendo Wiis and Apple iPods

Join us for a great show! We appreciate your support and patronage!!

Software Symposium 2007:

Venue: Sheraton Studio City with room rate of $99/night available

All the Best,

Jay Zimmerman
NFJS 2007 Symposium Director

And, please send me an rsvp for any of the upcoming JUG events so we'll be prepared for you!

As always, I hope you pass this email along to interested suspects and let me know if you want some presentationin particular or would like to volunteer. Loads of projects and possible internships.

All the best,

Michael Levin
Chairman, OJUG:::Co-Chairman, GatorJUG and Senejug
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And on and on and on.....