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GatorJUG - Gainesville Java User Group

Mar 21 2007 6:00 pm
Mar 21 2007 9:00 pm

We have a GatorJUG meeting tomorrow in beautiful Gainesville. The presentation is entitled "Creating Manageable Systems with JMX, Spring AOP, and Groovy". Our presenter is Vladimir Vivian. There are opportunities to rideshare. Just check out our GatorJUG group at to connect.
Please send a RSVP to rsvp at gatorjug dot org if you plan to attend so we'll know how much food to order.
Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Time: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Santa Fe Community College Room - Room S316 - directions at
Sponsor: Robert Half Technologies
Here's the abstract of the talk:
Starting with the Java 5 programming language, it has gotten easier to incorporate monitoring and manageability into any application running on a standard VM. Developers now have access to a wealth of runtime VM profile information exposed through Java Management Extensions (JMX), including memory consumption, garbage collection, and thread activities (with even more capabilities in the Java 6 programming language).
However, most designers do not develop runtime manageability plans until the very end of their project cycle or when problems start to appear. This requires a team to re-engineer the project to insert runtime monitoring and configuration code. This is a bad and costly practice, because the newly inserted code is usually meshed with existing business logic and lessens the separation of concerns between service boundaries.
This presentation shows how to plan and integrate runtime manageability, configuration, and control into your application by using JMX, Spring, and AOP. The topics covered show how to develop applications that can react to state changes by using a script engine to extend the manageability of the system with minimal impact on business domain logic. It looks at best practices for architecting scalable and maintainable management services by using sound OO approaches.
And, here's Vlad's bio:
Mr. Vladimir Vivien is a software engineering living in Tampa, FL (US) currently working in the healthcare industry. Past and current experiences include development in Java and C#.Net for industries including publishing, finacial, and heathcare.
Vladimir's interests include JMX, OSGi, Rich-Client technologies such as XUL, OpenLaszlo, Flex, and dynamic languages including Groovy, Python, _JavaScript. He thinks the future direction of the Java language is hidden in Groovy.
There's lots more info at our website: Thanks to Llew and all the volunteers for maintaining the site. And, thanks to co-chairman Dan Lackey for arranging the venue at beautiful Santa Fe Community College.
Coincidentally, we know that the Gainesville Linux User Group is having a coding contest the same time as our meeting. Good luck to all, especially defending champ Eric Lavigne! We regret that we can't meet together, but maybe next time!
We're trying to keep our calendar up to date, so check for upcoming events.
We have lots of exciting meetings planed as far as August, so stay tuned!
Check out for the latest opportunities in Java jobs.
And: ***news flash*** Mike Levin will be headed to Dakar, Senegal on 4/17-5/1 to lay out some groundwork for the new West African Java User Group with co-chairman Lamine Ba of This will bring many opportunities our way to cross pollinate and make new friends and contacts across the ocean to Africa!
Brian MacDonald of Instantations asked me to include this press release about his companie's new product "WindowTester Pro", which Automates Java GUI Testing. "Eclipse-based tool virtually eliminates hand-coding GUI tests for popular Java Swing and SWT frameworks". For more info, see
Mike's podcast "Swampcast" featured a fascinating interview with CTO that revealed the architecture of this Web2.0 music website, also known as the "Music Genome Project". Check it out at The previous Swampcast featured Wikipedia Chief Architect Brion Vibber! Subscribe at
We have a talk entitled "Space-Based Architecture and the End of Tier-Based Computing" scheduled for August. In the next couple of months, look forward to talks a speaker participating in the No Fluff, Just Stuff symposium. Loads more to look forward to.
Please spread the word! Grab a flier from the website and post it in your dorm hall, coffee room at work, around town and forward this email to your friends.
Also, check out the Orlando Ruby User Group - they rock! They have informative meetings and the best hackfests.
If you have a presentation you'd like to give or you'd like to volunteer with the website, publicity, or just have a suggestion, please send Mike an email to mike at gatorjug dot org.
Finally, thanks to Keith Kanouse of Robert Half Technologies for sponsoring this meeting.
As always, I hope to see you there,
Michael Levin
Co-Chairman :::

Santa Fe Community College Room S316

Map Link: