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Freedom is contagious.

Collected brochures, artwork, etc.

Here lie several promotional pieces I've done recently.

clip2.svg - Gatorlug Clippy poster -- Currently letter size, but scale as needed

clippy.svg, clippy.pdf - Gatorlug installfest tear-off sheet.

glug.odt, glug.pdf - Open Office document and a PDF rendtion.

SVG artwork created in Inkscape. Other renderers seem to have trouble. Adobe Illustrator seems to come closest but may require resizing the media.
Firefox isn't even close. The fonts are wrong and transparency is quite strange.

The PDFs show how the pieces were supposed to look.

clip2.svg25.34 KB
clippy.svg43.1 KB
clippy.pdf2.41 MB
glug.odt221.03 KB
glug.pdf1.06 MB