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GatorLUG Meeting | Protect your privacy with TOR | ICARUS

Oct 25 2006 6:00 pm
Oct 25 2006 8:00 pm

GatorLUG Meeting Agenda for October 25, 2006
6:00 - 6:25 Announcements
Firefox 2.0! | Eldo Varghese
6:25 - 7:10 Presentation | Anonymous Communications for the Department of Defense.. and You" | John Li
Tor is an anonymity network that allows people to increase their privacy and security on the Internet. It allows dissidents to view "forbidden" web sites, journalists to communicate safely with whistleblowers, and ordinary citizens to safeguard their personal information from criminals and data miners. Tor can be used to anonymize web browsing, instant messaging, ssh, and any other TCP protocol. The software is under very active development and the network is constantly growing.
John Li is a student at the University of Florida and an advocate for privacy and free culture.
7:10 - 7:20 Auction - Gateway Server, 80 GB Serial ATA HD
7:20 - 8:00 Presentation | ICARUS (Integrated Control Application for Recognizing User Services ) | Robert Bird
Developed at the University of Florida, Icarus was born just as the recording and film industries started turning up the heat on college administrators to do something about the rampant copyright infringement occurring under their roofs. Nobody knows for sure what percentage of all P2P file swapping occurs on college campuses, but demographics and high-speed connections--often hundreds of times faster than home broadband service--make campuses a hotbed of P2P activity, experts say.
Before it was turned on, there were as many as 3,500 simultaneous violators at any given time on the Gainesville campus, school officials say. On the day the switch was flipped, 1,500 violators were caught. There were only 19 second-time violators and no third-time violators. Purged of the digital cholesterol of media files, the network saw an 85 percent drop in uplink data volume.
Robert Bird is one of primary architects ICARUS (now known as cGRID::Security). He recently co-founded Red Lambda, Inc. in 2005 and is Red Lambda’s Chief Technology Officer and a member of Red Lambda’s Board of Directors. Prior to Red Lambda, Rob served as the Chief Architect of the University of Florida’s 12,000 user residence hall network and supervised a technical team of 13 people. He is the co-author of US Patent, “Metric-Driven Holistic Network Management.”

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