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Freedom is contagious.

SFD September 5th meeting summary

Gavin's got 200 4-up fliers, designed by Jim [1]. Contact Gavin if you'd like to help distribute. Jim also has a GatorLUG brochure written up and designed [2]. It's appearance at the SFD event depends on Clint's approval. Clint: yea or nay?


We've got some Ubuntu CDs and stickers, but the SFD balloons and shirts have yet to arrive. The display board doesn't exist yet. There was a small conspiracy to misremember that I volunteered to put it together. Gavin voted for me to do it. Clint voted for my mother to do it. I returned Gavin's vote of confidence. Jim votes Gavin as well. Gavin: it's 2 to 1 to 1 so far :).

We decided to welcome the help of Doreen from Suse. This saves me the effort of wrestling Xgl onto the demo PC I'll be bringing. Jim thinks spinning gooeys are stupid, but impressive. I concur. I believe Clint is the person in contact with Doreen. Clint: we'd love to have her.

We've been spamming various news outlets. The Gainesville Sun's computer columnist hasn't been responsive. Jim has suggested that Senator Baker or the 31337 |-|4x012 Jordan may be able to leverage their great influence and fame to get a notice in the Sun. When Gavin writes the release, a[nother] copy will go to the Sun.

Our next meeting will be Monday, September 11th at 6pm. This'll be our last meeting before the 16th! See you there.