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SFD Meeting Summary 2006-08-28

Finalized on time: We'll officially be at BAM from 10am to 3pm, though we'll be showing up at 9am when the store opens to set up. If we feel the urge, we'll stick around after 3.

Promo: Gavin sent notices to the Satellite and Iguana. We'll be spamming the CCC and Linux-l, of course. We'll send a press release to the Alligator and Gainesville Sun this week or next. We need some flyers soon - Jim will be designing them.

Display: BAM is giving us two tables. We decided on a foam display board (nicer than cardboard, easier than plywood, available at Office Max/Depot). We can have some pretty penguins and assorted logos on the board along with trivia-ish facts about Linux (it runs on Blue Gene, on Google's cluster, on PDAs, etc). Perhaps a graph showing the number of web servers running on Apache vs. IIS from Dr. Netcraft.

Hendrik has said he'll bring his Macbook running Gentoo. Clint can bring his Mythbox, perhaps one or two laptops, and Jim can bring a 27" monitor. John (me) can bring a small box PC to demo Ubuntu and XGL eye candy as well as a laptop.

Our next meeting will be next Monday as always. 2006-09-04, 6:00pm in #gatorlug on Note that 09-16 is in two and a half weeks!!