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Freedom is contagious.

SFD meeting summary for August 15

Books-a-Million: Gavin called again and got a preliminary OK, though they need to get their district manager to approve of the event as well. We're hoping to hear from them in a few days. If they bail, we'll figure out where to go later.

SFD CDs: Apparently, SFD will be shipping us the Ubuntu Dapper LiveCD/install disc, which also has Thunderbird, Firefox, Gimp, Gaim, and Abiword for Windows. We'll be creating our own discs at the event on demand.

Display: We'd like to have many laptops to demo various free software applications. We'll have pamphlets, stickers, and buttons as propaganda paraphernalia. Balloons along with a paper banner mounted on cardboard will be our "hey, look at us" attention getter. Jim may be able to demo his MythTV box if it's built in time. We aren't sure if we'll be showing any videos (Alternative Freedom remains a possibility, as well as clips from the "go_open" TV series).

The next meeting will be next Monday, August 21, 2006, at 6pm EST.