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2006-07-19: Dapper Drake, IceCast, Nagios

Meeting Announcement and Agenda

One hour before the start of the meeting, some updates were applied to the laptop that had the streaming software setup on it. One of the updates broke the streaming software. At the next meeting we will have a computer that is dedicated to streaming and if it works we will set it in stone and throw away the mold. Or, at the very least we won't do any updates to it just before the next meeting.

Attendance was down a bit this month. We had 23 people at the meeting.

We debuted our shiney new WRT54GL running DD-WRT. I counted 7 people using the new access point without any problems. DD-WRT is "insanely great" software. It has a huge number of useful features including the ability to try overclocking your access point if you feel like living dangerously.

Martin Smith did a great job showing what Nagios can do. We have been running it for about 2 months now at the Bureau of Economic and Business Research and I am very impressed with what it can do. We have a view of our enterprise network that we have never had before. We keep tabs on disk space, server load, raid health, server temperatures, and more. Nagios makes it easy to track and alert on almost any condition you can dream up.

Martin's slides can be found here: Presentation Slides