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GatorJUG Meeting - J)ava GUI Gen)eration (JGuiGen) == Elegant CRUD

Aug 9 2006 6:30 pm
Aug 9 2006 9:00 pm

Please RSVP to - Pizza and drinks served!
Presentation - Hale Pringle Ed.D.
I wrote my first program in 1965 and won't bore you with the list of things I've done and know. I have been programming Java for the last six years with primary emphasis on learning and teaching Swing desktop applications. I recently did the technical editing for a book on Swing by McGraw Hill. Creator of the open source SourceForge Project called JGuiGen.
J)ava GUI Gen)eration (JGuiGen) is an evolving system that is "code that writes code" JGuiGen will access any database you can connect to with JDBC and it creates a Data Dictionary from the SQL metadata. From this data dictionary the system writes a GUI to edit the SQL tables. The current acronym for this type of application is CRUD - Create, Read, Update and Delete. The current version will create a running application with only four or five mouse clicks. The system writes the java code, compiles it and runs it. You can make changes to the data dictionary (which drives the code generation) and have JGuiGen rewrite the code, recompile it and run again. The generated application is internationalized, keyboard accessible, generates JUnit tests, is ready for JARs and JAWS, remembers user preferences, has a built in SQL Query Builder, built-in report generator, does frequency counts of any column, allows user to change Look and Feels, and much more. This is an open source project so everyone is free to use JGuiGen in whatever way they see fit. We are working on a data replication between sites and generating applications involving multiple tables.

Santa Fe Community College Room S326