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SFD Meeting summary for 2006-08-07

Summary of 2006-08-07 SFD meeting

Zak had gone to Barnes & Noble and reported that there wasn't adequate space. The group present at the meeting then went to the two Books-a-Millions as well as Borders and decided that the Books-a-Million next to the Oaks Mall has the most decent selection of FOSSy books and a great space for us to have a display. Gavin will be calling them within the next few days to see how they like the idea of letting us lounge around and sell their books.

Gavin will also inquire about the details of the materials that the SFD people will be sending us. So far, all we know is "CDs and balloons". We don't know how what's on the CDs or how pretty the balloons will be.

There was some discussion about the display, though we wanted to figure out which bookstore we would be at before getting into specifics. We would like to have at least tables, chairs, a banner, demo computers, books from the bookstore on display, and pamphlets/leaflets/flyers. We'll also need flyers and leaflets ahead of September 16 to spread around town.

Our next meeting will be on the #gatorlug IRC channel on at 6:00pm EST on Monday, August 14. See you there!