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GatorLUG Meeting: Contributing to Open Source Software, Panel Discussion

Nov 18 2015 6:00 pm
America/New York

Greetings All,

You are invited to join us at the next GatorLUG meeting at Mobiquity in Gainesville, Florida at 6pm on Wednesday evening (11/18). More information about the current meeting with a map link can be found at More information about GatorLUG can be found at

We'll have a brief 10 minute segment at the start of this meeting for news (Linux, Open Source, or otherwise). **Please note that because this meeting is in a panel/discussion format, we won't be doing lightning talks for the November meeting.

The main topic for the night will be a panel discussion on contributing to Free and/or Open Source Software. We are thrilled to have the following guest panelists:

  1. Matt Stauffer, @stauffermatt
    Matt is a partner & technical director at Tighten Co.. Matt runs Symposium, Karani for Fundraisers, MarkedStyle, and Confomo together with the other lovely folks at Tighten. Matt hosts the Five-Minute Geek Show and co-host The Laravel Podcast. He's also an occasional guest on Dev Discussions podcast. Matt loves to talk and blog about development, how to do your best work, how to treat other people well and how to do good in general--regardless of what it is you do. He specializes in Laravel and PHP, responsive design, and JavaScript and CSS/Sass/LESS. He's also addicted to Rapid Application Development and helping people get their ideas off the ground quickly.
  2. Dave Stanton, @gotoplanb
    Dave runs development teams building mobile projects with Mobiquity. Currently he is the manager of the Gainesville delivery center and the senior manager of tools, process and IP. Dave completed his Ph.D. at the University of Florida using stochastic models to understand user-interface behavior and cognition. He frequently presents at international conferences on the topics of usability, design thinking and mobile accessibility. He talks about workflow, design, HCI and cats on Twitter.
  3. TBD. We have one more guest pending. We'll update the event at when we have a final list.

Location: The meeting will be held in Mobiquity's training center (not their main building, but their training rooms). We are much indebted to their generosity for hosting the meeting, and encourage you to learn more about them at

Since this meeting is a slightly different format than usual, we will not be live streaming. We encourage you to attend!

237A SW 7th Terrace, Gainesville, FL