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GatorLUG Event Checklist

Preparing a meeting

- Confirm with Derek that Mobiquity is ready to go on Wednesday
- Create a meeting description, using a template from past
- Send an email announcement
BCC: Derek,,,

Posting the meeting to

- Open, and sign in as your own user.
- From the floating top bar, choose: Content Management -> Create Content -> Calendar Event
- Set the time and date FIRST, be sure it's correct. No end time.
- Copy the fields from a previous event (meeting for type, location if needed, etc)
- Paste in the meeting announcement from your email text
- Expand URL path settings, and give it a nice URL of the form 'meetings/YYYY/MM', e.g. 'meetings/2015/09'
- Click Save.

Posting the meeting to

- Login to with your personal account that has admin access to the group, and then load the group page
- In the center, under "Welcome!" click "Schedule a new meetup"
- Paste in the title and description. You may need to adjust the newlines and wrapping of the body of text, as does some strange stuff with that.
- Locations previously used *should* autocomplete. Try to use an existing one if possible.
- When you've completed the fields, click "Schedule this meetup."
- You will be taken to a page with many, many more fields. I don't fill out most, but DO take note of the "Announce this meetup" button that you'll be offered. Be sure the details look good before you hit that button, as it's going to email invites to all members.
- Take note of the 'short URL' you get for the meetup when you hit the little "Share to Twitter" button (don't actually share to Twitter, but save it for the Twitter meeting posting below).
- Retweet with your personal account or others you might have access to.

Posting the meeting to Facebook:

- Login to Facebook as an account with admin access to GatorLUG's group
- Visit the events page at
- Click "Create event" and fill out the fields normally
- Leave "Invite all members" checked and hit the "Create" button when you're done
- You will brought to a larger event page. Set the event photo to something fun and relevant.
- Invite the presenter via FB and anyone else you think might want to know. That's it!

Posting the meeting to Twitter:

- This one's easy! Login to Twitter as the @GatorLUG account, and post the URL shortened link you got from
- I recommend using this format (omit hashtags as space is needed):
Awesome talk title by @presenter, July 15th @ 6pm, hosted at @mobiquityinc #topic1 #topic2

Preparing the live stream:

- Visit in a private browser, and login as
- Now open, and on the top right hit "Sign in"
- On the top right, click the profile icon; be sure you are under "Gator Linux Users Group" and not ""
- While you still have the menu expanded from the previous step, click "Creator Studio" and then on the sidebar click "Live Streaming" and then in the submenu, "Events"
- You should have a page with a blue button that says, "Create Live Event." Click on that.
- Set the type to: "Quick (using Google+ Hangouts On Air)" and be sure the drop down is set to "Public" for the event type
- Fill out title and description and tags, then be sure to set the time to the future meeting time
- I don't usually fill out 'Add a message to your video' but I do check "Also share on G+"
- Under advanced settings, the default options are pretty good, but be sure it says "Optimize for interaction (low latency)"
- Now go back to the main Youtube menu, click 'Channel' on the left bar, and you should see listings that include the event you just created. Click on the new event and then hold on to that URL.

Posting the meeting to Google Plus (G+):

- Visit in a private browser, and login as
- Click the profile pic in the top right corner, and switch to "Gator Linux Users Group (Google+ page)". It will open the special LUG 'page' in a new tab.
- On the multi-navigation button, click on it to expose the list that starts with "My Business" and click down on the "Events" item
- You should now see some previous LUG meetings. Click the "Create Event" button over on the right.
- Under "Event Options" -> "Advanced" click "show more options" but NOT "Hangouts"
- Fill out the other fields, and be sure to enter a real location and (if applicable) the live event's URL that you created earlier under the "YouTube URL." Give the event a fun graphic too.
- You MUST invite 'Public' first, then also invite Gator Linux Users Group.
- Click "Invite." The page will reload, and you'll be on a dedicated page for this event. Take note of the URL.
- Now navigate to the GatorLUG "community" (the search function will have two results for "Gator Linux Users Group" and should indicate which one is the community and which one is just a page. A community is an open group, vs a page which is more for a business -- we have both).
- Take the G+ Event URL you saved earlier, and share it as a link on the community page.